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  • Factual Information for Restoration Measures of Problematic and Extreme Sites

What Are Problematic/Extremely Difficult Areas?

What Are Problematic/Extremely Difficult Areas?

The term "problematic and extreme" area comprises sites, which have been generated or modified artificially, and where no protecting cover of vegetation will grow in a short or medium time span without intervention. Such sites result from constructional interventions in the natural landscape. In most cases, those areas are steep slopes, acclivities and raw soils, generated by any of the below mentioned activities and constructions:


  • waste management
  • sewage management
  • abandoned harzadous sites
  • mining
  • landfills
  • supply lines
  • airport construction
  • land consolidation
  • recreation areas and tourism
  • commercial areas
  • golf courses
  • sports facilities
  • ski runs
  • industrial estates
  • gravel and sand pits
  • landscapinga
  • avalanche control
  • reclamation areas
  • sewage fields
  • settlement areas
  • quarries
  • training areas
  • riverbank and coast protection
  • riverdikes
  • creek sheeting
  • road and railway construction
  • hydraulic engineering

In addition to this, problematic areas may also emerge from natural disasters (e.g. floods, landslides, storms, forest fires, droughts, avalanches, volcanic eruptions).

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