For restoration and establishing grassland vegetation with grass and herb species, we use differing procedures of hydroseeding depending on the respective requirements, i.e. applications

  • with an optimization of soil properties (soil ameliorating measures)
  • with an optimization of nutrient contents in the soil (fertilization measures)
  • with an optimization of water retention capacity
  • with an optimization of micro-climatic conditions (e.g. mulch seedings)
  • with an optimization of erosion control (soil-stabilizing measures)

If the site demands it, all methods can be combined as required.

By means of hydroseeding even precious groves can be established. Prerequisites are adequate raw-soil sites and the intermixture of specific intercrop and nurse grass mixtures. Groves grown by seeding are considerably closer to nature and more resistant and vital than planted nursery groves! Certain plants or phythocenoses (reposition plants) can ease soil contamination in connection with soil improving components.