2.1 Seedings with an Optimization of Soil Properties (Soil Ameliorating Measures)

Areas with unfavorable soil-pH, low nutrient and water-storing capacity, a lack of humus or increased ionic activity usually can be vegetated only, if alkaline or acid-acting reagents, mineral (e.g. silicates) or organic (e.g. alginates ) components and osmotic-acting means are applied. Those so-called soil conditioners influence the soil properties relevant for vegetation growth in so far, as a germination of the seed and a long-term growth of a suitable and site- adapted vegetation are made possible.

Particularly raw-soils with disadvantageous soil-chemical, soil-physical and soil-biological values are comprehensively ameliorated and improved in their planting-relevant properties. As technical means, mainly serve hydraulic seedings (hydroseedings) using several additives, e.g. on the basis of alginates and hydrosilicates for soil activation.