2.4 Seedings with an Optimization of Erosion Control

In case of hydroseeding, the soil's surface principally is stabilized with special, ecologically inoffensive erosion control agents (soil binders, tackifiers). This adheres not only seeds and additives to the surface, but also the soil particles themselves. The water absorbing capacity of the substrate, however, remains unaffected. Provided that an effective agent was used, the fixed soil surface will not even be destroyed by the mechanic energy of a heavy shower or thunderstorm.

This includes all methods using natural or organic-synthetic adhesives, soil binders and tackifiers. Those are applied to the soil surface in variably concentrated diluted emulsions or suspensions, either individually to an area which was seeded before or together with seeds, fertilizers and other components (depending on the requirements of the site). Usually, the application of seeds and additives together with means for erosion control is carried out in one working process.

We generally advise you not to realize hydroseedings without soil adhesives. Even on only slightly inclined areas, applied recipe components are removed by wind and rain, which often causes severe erosion damage.