3.2 Example Erosion Control Agents (Soil Binders, Tackifiers)

Here, the below listed specifications must be met:

  • Easy, incomplex and unperilous processing/handling
  • Ecological harmlessness
  • Lasting effect with widely constant quality
  • Resistance to wind as well as to temperature and humidity fluctuations
  • Resistance to the influences of solar radiation till the vegetation has closed
  • Harmlessness concerning the germination of seeds and the development of the vegetation
  • Compatibility with other additives (fertilizers, soil conditioners, mulch, etc.)

If the applied soil binders meet the mentioned specifications, the below listed technical and biological functions of hydraulic seeding methods can be fulfilled easily:

  • Prevention of soil erosion caused by water and wind
  • Reduction of the threat of slips of slopes
  • Protection of the applied seeds and other components against drift and washing away
  • Protection of the applied seeds against extreme climatic influences
  • Absorption and storage of precipitation water and dew
  • Promotion and acceleration of germination and development procedures
  • Promotion of an intensive and deep reaching root system