3.4 Example Seed Blends

In most cases, establishing vegetation with standard seed blends can be carried out successfully - with the exception of special sites like e.g. inland and coastal dunes, salt meadows, rocky sites, artificial substrates, etc. If, however, the focus is directed on the creation of a vegetation area for a certain use, or on aspects concerning nature conservation, then more or less specified seed blends or procedures are necessary to achieve the respective development goals (see also hay-mulch and Heudrusch®-procedures).

To ensure professional restoration and permanent vegetation, the applied seed blends have to be adjusted to the respective site. The efficiency of a seed blend not only depends on its site suitability, the ecological behavior of the contained species and the allocation to a certain phythocenosis; a weight percentage distribution, which is harmonically synchronized and considers the thousand-seed weights of the individual species also is of great importance.

Generally, seed blends from grasses and herbage of accredited seed suppliers are applied with broad ecological amplitude. Fortunately, establishing vegetation with regional seeds, which excludes the problematic extrusion of the local flora by uniform breeded species, becomes increasingly important (see also hay-mulch and Heudrusch®-procedures).