3.5 Example Capability for Vegetation Growth

Assumed that appropriate application techniques and professionally composed recipes are applied, almost every site can be successfully treated by hydroseeding, if the soil contains no phytotoxic components and if there are no other factors harmful to plants. Even slopes of up to 100 m form no exception, if top and bottom of the slope can be accessed with vehicles. However, if the established vegetation is of permanent quality, depends on the right selection of seeds and additives. The succeeding maintenance processes also may play an important role (for example, successive fertilization in due time, mowing or irrigation of the respective area).

Concluding Remarks

This dealing with the wide range of the subjects "Hydroseeding" and "Establishing Vegetation on Problematic Sites" offers only a limited insight in the complexity of recultivation measures. BENDER disposes of long-term experience, a highly professional specialized staff and up-to-date engineering techniques to successfully meet the most varying demands and find the best possible project-specific solution. Consult us. We look forward to advising you!