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Erosion Control And Soil Bioengineering

Erosion Control And Soil Bioengineering

The results of the uncontrolled exploitation of the past decades together with the needs of the modern industrial society frequently make high demands on the professional and site-adapted establishing of vegetation in intensely stressed landscapes. It is a challenge and task for erosion control professionals to quickly establish vegetation on devasted sites, which are to a large extent poor in nutrients and organic matter, and exposed to erosion and soil degradation. By applying adequate bioengineering techniques, a vital and dense vegetation is established, and an effective, long-term erosion control is achieved.

In road construction as well as in mining, the demands for erosion control and reclamation benefitial to site and environment are outstandingly high. The effect of hydroseeding as protection against erosion, usually is reduced to the soil surface and the rooted soil horizon. The application of erosion control blankets, so-called geotextiles, can increase and support the erosion control effect in areas with especially steep slopes or substrates susceptible to erosion.

In combination with other bioengineering methods, a lasting erosion control can be provided, which also includes deeper soil layers. This includes all procedures which reinforce soil layers within the range of several decimeters, either by deeper rooting groves or special reinforcement constructions to stabilize soil coverings or steep raw-soil slopes.

Certain measures of bioengineering are realized with living plants; this reveals a lot of the applied techniques. Exclusively living or natural construction materials are used, which in erosion control are to be preferred to non-natural materials, not only from the ecological point of view, but also from the functional point of view. The reinforcement constructions of bioengineering applied by our company comprise e.g. the following procedures and vegetation techniques:

  • erosion control blankets and mats as well as geotextiles, e.g. from jute or coir fibres, straw etc.)
  • grass-seeded mats
  • turf sod
  • fascines, live fascines
  • erosion control fences and strings
  • application of shoots
  • brushlayers
  • embankment reinforcement (e.g. using reed- and coir bolsters, reed mattings, reed balls, etc.)
  • Hydroseeding / Hydromulching

All revegetating and reinforcement procedures are based on a thorough analysis of the problematic area, to be able to select a procedure highly adapted to the site. Specially trained, highly motivated experts, the most sophisticated techniques and our long international experience make us a competent partner for all challenges of bioengineering and erosion control.

Detailed Soil Analyses (in Particular in Case of Severe and Contaminated, Hazardous Sites)

Especially before starting hydroseeding on raw soils and man-made substrates, information on soil-pH and nutrient contents as well as the analysis of further parameters relevant for plant growth, may be required to develop an optimal procedure for revegetation. Soil analyses require the knowledge on and use of appropriate methods (e.g. extraction procedures) and corresponding experience in the interpretation of soil-chemical values for plant growth. For our customers, we can provide the results of the most important parameters within approximately 8 days.

For soil reinforcing and establishing vegetation on extreme surfaces, hydroseeding has proven especially effective and economic. Seed and miscellaneous additives are sprayed onto the site in one working process. When establishing vegetation on huge areas, the vast spraying ranges of our aggregates of up to 60 m and more turn to account. Due to its tremendous spraying width, the hydroseeder is suited for sowing especially on large areas.

Our company BENDER disposes of essential expert knowledge, up-to-date engine techniques as well as extensive experience in severe site revegetation, bioengineering and erosion control. Numerous references document the outstanding competence of our company in all fields of reclamation relevant to the environment.

Member of the
Gesellschaft für Ingenieurbiologie e.V. (Society for Bioengineering)

We engage ourselves in the promotion of bioengineering methods, which in the majority of cases are superior to comparable constructions with dead or non-natural components. Vegetation developing from living and natural constructions not only serves the desired purposes concerning reinforcements and erosion control, but also fulfills important functions concerning landscape aesthetics and ecology.