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Fugitive Dust and Sediment Control

Protection against immissions

Fugitive Dust and Sediment Control to protect against immissions

Mining, hydraulic engineering, industry and other sectors of the economy leave areas which will not be covered with vegetation temporarily or even permanently. In dry weather, wind will transport soil particles to adjacent, partly settled territories (deflation). Abandoned polluted areas even release toxic particles. The so emerged dust may cause severe dust exposure and lead to an impairment of the aerial hygiene and a health endangerment for adjacent residents. On the other hand, precipitation causes soil erosion and leads to undesired sediment accumulation in discharge systems and adjacent areas.

For dust control and soil stabilizing, we spray-apply special recipes, which keep down soil particles and secure surfaces down to a depth of a few centimetres. We can achieve this without establishing vegetation by using a spray formulation consisting of a soil binder and an appropriate fibre blend, which is applied by a hydroseeder or similar technologies.  Thereby, a stabilized, reinforced soil layer is created. The effective period is limited. It may last between several months till up to more than one year. Generally, the procedure is applied to areas requiring temporary protection, such as:

  • sludge / silt / sand fields 
  • coast and inland dunes
  • coal and ash dumps
  • coal seams in opencast mining 
  • industrial wasteland and developing areas
  • abandoned hazardous sites and contaminated areas

The procedure for sediment and dust control generally may also be applied using seed and further components for establishing vegetation.