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Maximum Erosion Control with the Utmost Nature Protection

Establishing of Vegetation with Autochthonic, Indigenous Seeds

We offer cost-efficient solutions meeting ecological and functional requirements!

Apart from demands to establishing vegetation posed from bioengineering (technical requirements for erosion control), biotope functions and quality of the areas to be reclaimed gain more and more importance. For ensuring and protecting the biological and genetical diversity as a central aim of enviromental protection, which is also anchored in the German Federal Law for Nature Conservation, it is indispensible to use regional, autochthonic seed when establishing vegetation in the countryside. This ensures the optimal suitability of the used species and phythocenoses with regard to the regional peculiarities.

Applying special techniques, we conserve and increase what nature has created within thousands of years. We create precious second-hand biotops!

Apart from erosion control, establishing of vegetation applying the hay-threshing and hay-mulching methods aims at establishing ecologically precious phythocenoses of regional sources. These procedures have also proved functionally especially effective and meanwhile have become indispensible for ensuring and protecting the genetical diversity by transferring local species and phythocenoses as well as geographical species and local subspecies. A prerequisite for this is the thorough selection of appropriate donor areas, which are ecologically as precious as possible. Particularly with disputed construction projects, the application of these procedures contributes a lot to achieve larger acceptance in the public. Besides, the described procedures are among the few seeding techniques that do not violate the German Federal Law for Nature Conservation!


  • Download the pdf-file

    Download one of our publications on the results of Heudrusch® application (published in: Soil-Bioengineering: Ecological Restoration with Native Plant and Seed Material. Conference volume, HBLFA Raumberg-Gumpenstein (Austria), 5-9 Sept. 2006, page 230-231)

Erosion Control and Biodiversity

Only authochthonous or regional seed from the natural surroundings of the respective construction project is optimally adjusted to the specific site conditions. As it usually origins from high-quality crops rich in species, it generates an especially dense, dynamic and powerful root system. This ensures optimal protection against erosion, which was confirmed by the latest scientific studies in Germany and the Netherlands.


Ecologically and Economically Sound

Seed deriving from the Heudrusch®-and Heumulch Methods is directly applied on raw soils; no cost-intensive topsoil cover is required. Addition of fertilizers, soil conditioners and mulch can be strongly reduced or is not at all necessary; irrigation and later fertilization are not required. The low biomass generation results in a considerably lower expense in maintenance. Establishing of vegetation with these procedures can be realized even during the progress of construction. The mainly medium and long-term saving of expenses with these procedures associates with the overwhelming ecological and functional advantages and makes these procedures the number one choice. For information on the seeding technique see Hydroseeding.


Heudrusch®- and Heumulch Methods: This is the Only Way for Planting Vegetation According to the German Law! Please Compare With Your National Law

The German Federal Law for Nature Conservation interdicts the planting and sowing of non-regional vegetation and species in natural environments as this holds the well-founded risk of tampering the regional vegetation. Thus, any planting of vegetation using commercial seed violates applicable law. By applying seeds with the Heudrusch® and Heumulch methods, we offer the looked-for planting vegetation methods fulfilling the law.


Our Services for You

Our service package comprises the complete project execution from consultation to accompanying and executing project planning concerning landscape conservation as well as the realization and maintenance of the project. If desired, we also carry out floristic collateral studies. We coordinate the seeding process with the responsible planning agencies, and according to that, develop a maintenance and development schedule. This, of course, includes the search, selection and securing of appropriate donor areas considering regional requirements as well as seed harvesting and preparation. Your ecologically innovative project is in good hands with us!

  • Coordination with planning agencies

  • Search, selection and securing of appropriate donor areas considering regional requirements
  • Determination of the optimal harvesting time
  • Harvesting and preparation of the Heu-mulch and Heudrusch® seed
  • Supply of mothercrop seed and supplementary seed, if required
  • Quality assurance
  • Competent application
  • Scientific project documentation