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Hydroseeding is the only procedure to reliably and permanently establish vegetation on raw soils, steep slopes and sites endangered by erosion as well as on extreme and problematic surfaces. Wherever immediate protection of surfaces against erosion and suitable revegetation measures are required, this method is applied.

BENDER is one of the few authorized professional and spezialized companies with comprehensive and long-term experience in applying hydroseeding.

The construction of traffic routes (e.g. roads, highways, railroad tracks), waterways, dikes, landfills, industrial complexes, training areas, airports and golf courses as well as mining (e.g. lignite opencast mining, mining dumps) and landscaping are typical fields of application for hydroseeding.


Hydroseeding - the Procedure:

The hydroseeding recipe composed of seed and additives like special fertilizers, soil conditioners, mulch and erosion contol agents is mixed with water to a homogenous suspension in an all-terrain hydroseeder. This mixture is evenly spray-applied by means of a pumping aggregate and high-pressure spray cannon. The essential advantages of hydroseeding:

  • immediate erosion control due to soil binder and mulch fibers
  • successful performing even on raw soils poor in organic matter (humus)
  • establishing of vegetation on man made soils, e.g. slag, ashes, rubbish, industrial sludge, mining waste, coal 
  • growth acceleration due to special additives
  • mulch application
  • activation of soil life
  • adapted recipes for every site
  • grove seeding
  • consistent application of components even in impassable regions
  • dense and consistent site coverage
  • establishing of vegetation with high ecological value
  • even areas difficult to get to can be treated
  • high reliability
  • high day output
  • high economic efficiency

Spraying widths of up to 60 m and more are reached. With hose extensions, even areas at a distance of up to 200 mcan be sprayed, which enables us to apply the mixture without facing any problems even in areas that are impassable. Areas without any access for vehicles are sown with special aircrafts or helicopers (air seeding).