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Natural Streambank and Shoreline Stabilization

Ecological Embankment Reinforcement

Natural Streambank and Shoreline Stabilization, Ecological Embankment Reinforcement

For several years, the main focus of civil and hydraulic engineers lies on the ecological improvement and naturization of water courses. Up to the seventies, streams and rivers were adamantly regulated, canalized and cased. Small standing waters such as pools and ponds had been dried or filled up due to agricultural or other use. This caused the destruction of limnic ecosystems, declining ground water levels and an increased danger of flooding. Nowadays, the mistakes from then are being eliminated more and more- thanks to the improved knowledge concerning the interactions between landscape and ecology as well as to the available environmental technologies adapted to those interactions.

Ecological embankment reinforcement (e.g. using fascines) is part of bioengineering technologies used in hydraulic engineering. We use organic or natural construction materials and have comprehensive experience in embankment and slope reinforcements. Among the applied procedures are e.g. the use of rhizomes, reed and coir bolsters, reed balls and grass mats, erosion control blankets, fascines and brushlayers, EC-fences, and retaining walls. Supply and planting of suitable reed zone species (e. g. Phragmites australis) in flood control basins and retention ponds, as well as habitat construction are also part of our services.

These various erosion and sediment control methods result in a natural, reliable and dynamic reinforcement of sensitive embankment areas achieved by rootage, wave breaks and mechanical soil protection and are carefully selected and effectively applied.