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Scientific Consultation

Elaboration of Concepts

Scientific Consultation, Elaboration of Concepts

Our activities in all fields of reclamation, revegetation technology and bioengineering as well as our international fields of activity request highly qualified, specially trained staff.
Our advisory team, which also is responsible for project management and project monitoring, predominantly consists of agricultural engineers, earth scientists, site managers and technical engineers. Prior to the execution of a project, our experts frequently carry out a comprehensive and professional counselling with the planning authorities like engineering consultants, landscape designers or competent authorities.

The results of the site valuation are directly reflected in the consultation and elaboration of a suitable-to-site establishing vegetation and reinforcement conceptgenerated by our experts. In the course of the consultation sessions, we discuss together with the respective designing engineer and our customer, which seeds, recipe components or reinforcement constructions are to be used. In addition to this, the required application technique is determined. The consultation may also be specified and set out in writing in the form of a written comment, an expertise or a test report.

We see ourselves as a company providing services including comprehensive project management from the consultation in the planning phase and site analysis via the elaboration of concepts and their execution to aftercare operation and maintenance.

Regular participation in symposia and advanced trainings as well as the continuous study of the latest specialized literature ensure that our knowledge is always up to date. Last but not least, we ourselves contribute to update the standard of knowledge in the fields of reclamation and bioengineering by presentations in symposia as well as by several publicationsin the scientific and practice-oriented literature.

Beyond that, our membership of various professional associations leads to a lively exchange of knowledge